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Local Business 06012018 $5000 $2000 $10000
Hello my name is Brandi and I was just released from prison in February of this year. I am looking for investments for a tattoo company that stands out from the rest. Always done correctly ink is an idea of mine that started after I did my first tattoo. I would never have thought that my dream become a reality until October 2017 three years after I did my apprenticeship in Florida. I was talking with a bunch of other artists about why they never saw tattooing as a way to make money. The problem with this is the only way to get into a shop is by investing $1000 into your apprenticeship and then spending as little as 1year just watching the process of giving a tattoo and cleaning up the shop. Don`t get me wrong I`m all for it. You learn health safety and set ups and brake down but I don`t think that takes a year to get it. You are required to inturn for the first year with no pay and be there for as much time as you would be at a normal job. I have found a way to get my artist certified in tattoos, piercings, tattoo removal, and permanent make-up for free because they were in prison and it will not take as long as an apprenticeship. This program will also start them out with all basic equipment and helps them out with getting the proper insurance needed for CDC health codes needed to be sub contracted and registered with the county. I am looking for a way to find the funds needed to get LLC and to get all of the first things needed to start my business. I have a few ideas for how I can help the artist so we can get the above average artist chase there dreams and not take the first chance they get to relapse and make fast easy money. I will also found a way to make it affordable prices for the customers and hopefully get some of the customers that take the chance of getting unhealthy home tattoos. I have a few marketing ideas and promotions to make sure that we will have steady income. I will be doing charitable contributions to get the name out there. I have a business plan that I would be able to go over with any possible investers if asked. Thanks for your time and have a majestic day.😆ADC ink
Location Of Business
Address: Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA
Country: United States
State : Arizona
City: Phoenix
Organizer Details
Brandi Bierdemann
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